[dropcap]Here at SWAG we get massive amounts of inquiries from guests who have no idea what the differences,[/dropcap] pros and cons of Rebonding Treatments (aka Japanese Straightening), compared to Brazilian Keratin and Blowout Treatments. So we figured we would publish a SWAG PRO article on the subject…

First and foremost, at SWAG we pride ourselves in using the best quality, safest products available, superior service standards and most complete hair care knowledge possible at our everyday affordable prices. There are a wide variety of rebonding solutions at SWAG from $16/P750 for our SWAGlicious Rebond (which is infused with Keratin), to SWAG Organics Rebonding Cream, and top shelf imports, such as L’Oréal X-tenso from around $50/P2,500.

In addition, our SWAG Brazilian Keratins start as low as $25/P1,000 for Keratin, and up to $50/P2,500 for Brazilian Blow Out and/or Blow Straight; which have no 3-day after care waiting period! However, for severely damaged hair, we do recommend a Keratin Blowout with the waiting period to allow for the product to saturate the hair more.

The Rebond Revolution.
Let’s look into rebonding first. In the US, rebonding is not often heard of or commonly used as it is in the Philippines, Korea and India. Largely because it does do sometimes, major damage to your hair and is not recommended for lightened, colored, nor pre-damaged hair –as most Americans possess. Instead, relaxers and blowouts are more common, and use the same process in many cases.

Rebonding is exactly what it says; it is ‘re-bonding the molecules’ or texture of your natural hair pattern leaving it straight. It is a wonderful and inexpensive solution, when you desire ‘permanent’ straight, non-frizzly, more-manageable, flowing hair and longer-lasting results. It is perfect for virgin hair and those who want that ‘bone-straight’ hair.

However, rebonding DOES NOT make your hair healthier, and DOES require after care maintenance and may harshly damage your hair further; especially when you have bleached, lightened, or heat-damaged hair to begin with. Straight doesn’t mean healthy, and anytime you ‘alter’ your natural hair, it will REQUIRE additional care and maintains to remain and/or regains its health.

SWAG PRO Rebond Tip: The more you rebond your hair, the more damaged it will be. Do not over process. After care, such as hair spas, conditioning, oils like argon and keratin treatments are both recommended and required. Never use ‘sulfate’ shampoos or conditioners; like TRESemme’, even though they may be high-end. Take the time to find sulfate-free products, or simply buy the ones offered by your SWAG PRO.

Brazilian Blowout Damage Control. Healthy is the key outcome here. Blowouts; with our without Keratin, are completely different treatments than rebonding. In fact; with Keratin, it is a rejuvenating treatment in addition-to any damaging treatment(s); such as rebonding, bleaching or relaxing. As well as, when your hair is damaged by swimming in chlorine pools, salt water, natural sun damage or harsh weather conditions and pollution. Brazilian Keratin Treatments, should be done frequently to repair damage and maintain healthy, shiny and smoother hair.

The ‘straightening’ outcome is actually, an effect of the ironing ‘process’ used to cook-in or infuse the product with your hair commonly done in the Philippines. More common in the West, is Brazilian Keratin Blowout Treatments; such as The Original Brazilian Blowout, which –if you so desire- will still leave your hair curly or wavy. The treatment is safe and in most cases recommended ‘after’ coloring, bleaching, lightening, relaxing or rebonding treatments as a way to rebuild damaged molecules.

Much like glutathione, keratin is a natural product produced by the human body and needed for good health. Like ‘skin-whitening’ is an outcome of ‘gluta’ consumption and injection, in many cases, and clean liver, helping with sleeping disorders and improved eyesight are the true-health benefits. Keratin rejuvenates your hair, fortifies it and the ‘Brazilian blowout/ironing infusion process’ is what leaves you with the ‘straight-looking’ hair you may desire.

SWAG PRO Tip: The more you have your Brazilian Keratin Treatments done, the healthier your hair will become –not simply appear to be. If your hair is severely or noticeably damaged: before you cut it off, we recommend treatment every 30-days. We offer Customized Damage Control Bundle Packages for up to 50% off for frequent users over a 6-month period of time, with hair spa treatments every 1 or 2-weeks. Never use ‘sulfate’ shampoos or conditioners; find sulfate-free products. The wrong shampoo will rinse-out the keratin from your hair and leave it dry and frizzy. Additionally, limit your frequency of shampooing as it will strip your hair of the product.

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