Island Healing Wellness Retreat “Turning your travel and wellness dreams into a reality.”

Trip Duration: 14 Days & Nights

Trip Type: All-Inclusive Medical & Wellness Tourism

Trip Medical Type: Dialysis, Transplants, and Leisure.


  • Manila, Philippines Airport Pickup
  • Private Personal Travel Agent for flight bookings
  • Personal Passport and Visa Agent for the Philippines
  • Personal Driver and Private Transportation from the Manila airport to the resort or hospital (choice of driven car or private ambulance).
  • VIP Private Dialysis Treatments available 24/7 (up to 4-sessions per week)
  • Private Doctor
  • Private Nurse
  • Personal Cook/Chef
  • Daily meals prepared by a chef, with fresh fruits and mangos
  • Holistic Menu: Fruits, Vegetables, Meats and Prepared Food.
  • SWITCH ‘Miracle’ Alkaline Water Provided for duration of the trip.
  • Personal Assistant/Valet for the entire duration of the trip
  • Kayla Freeman, personal care nurse and coach, will be present as part of the team
  • Planned Activities, including island trips and beach experiences.
  • Daily Wellness Retreats and/or Yoga
  • 1-2 Hours Therapeutic Massages
  • Personal Barber/Hair Stylist
  • Makeover Facial Session
  • VIP Medical Consultation with Dr. Lisa, CMO, to assess eligibility for a liver/kidney transplant –or their concerns.
  • 10% VIP Discount on Return Visits and Follow-ups.

Trip Goal: Promote wellness, mental health, relaxation, and healthy lifestyle practices, and reduce stress and anxiety levels, all while experiencing the enjoyment of the tropical surroundings.

Potential for reduced dialysis frequency with a healthier lifestyle.

Estimated Cost: $25,000

(All-inclusive of roundtrip ticket, travel agent, food and beverages, and limited expenses.)

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