The Blasian Phenomenon: The Quiet Tropical Storm Brewing in the Philippines

“Get ready for an epic journey, ’cause we’re diving into something special happening in the Philippines – the rise of the Blasians! These amazing brothas and sistas, a mix of Black and Filipino heritage, are carving out their own path and creating mind-blowing communities both online and all over the country. Let me tell you, they’re about to be the next big thing on the economic scene in the Philippines!

Yo, we got some heavy hitters in this game – legends like H.E.R., Tiger Woods, Bruno Mars, Apl.de.ap, and the list goes on and on. These cross-over superstars are making waves and paving the way for the Philippines’ Blasian culture demographic -nearly 100,000 strong- to shine bright like a diamond!

But hold up, it’s not just about the famous faces, my friends. Blasians are a real quiet storm, creating their own communities online, connecting on social media, events, pageants, basketball Icons, and sharing their incredible stories. It’s all love and respect in these spaces, where they can fully embrace their roots and celebrate their diverse backgrounds –and harbor no hard feelings.” –Kareem Jackson, Show Host, Personality, Executive Producer Passport Bros ‘The Movie’ and Flippin’ The Philippines

In recent years, a unique and vibrant community has been quietly flourishing in the Philippines (and throughout the globe) -The Blasians.

Blasians are individuals of both Black and Filipino (or other Asian blood) heritage, who have formed their own communities online and offline. With notable figures like H.E.R., Tiger Woods, Bruno Mars, Apl.de.ap, and more contributing to the ever-growing Blasian cultural presence, it’s no surprise that this community is believed to be the next big economic boom in the Philippines.

Furthermore, a surge of black -and white- Americans seeking their lost children and the country’s growing appeal as a top destination for tourism, lifestyle, and medical tourism have further contributed to the Blasian phenomenon.

The Blasian Experience

The Blasian experience is a unique blend of cultures, traditions, and histories. Many Blasians find themselves navigating between two distinct worlds, embracing both their Filipino and Black roots; while dealing with the many times simple-mother household. This fusion of cultures has given rise to a dynamic community that celebrates diversity, creativity, and inclusivity.

Online and Offline Communities

Blasian individuals have found a sense of belonging and connection through social media platforms and online forums. These digital communities have become safe spaces for sharing experiences, discussing challenges, and celebrating achievements. Blasians have cultivated a strong online presence that reflects their distinct cultural identity.

Similarly, offline Blasian communities have sprung up throughout the Philippines. These communities foster a sense of camaraderie and support among individuals who share a similar background. It’s in these spaces that Blasians can explore their heritage, language, and traditions in an environment that understands and appreciates their uniqueness.

The Economic Impact

The Blasian community is not only culturally significant but also economically promising. As the global demand for diverse representation and multicultural experiences grows, Blasians are gaining attention in various industries, including entertainment, modeling, sports, and entrepreneurship.

Blasian talents, known for their striking features and cultural versatility, are increasingly sought after by businesses and brands. As the world becomes more open-minded and appreciative of diversity, Blasians are positioned to make significant contributions in their respective fields.

In addition, over the last 18 years, the ‘black American’ market has tripled in economic value,  at over $1 TRILLION USD, ‘Black America’ is #16 in the TOP 25 Global Markets, beating out many countries like Australia, Poland, Iran, and Taiwan –as well as, hundreds that didn’t come close.

A Rising Trend: Americans Seeking Their Lost Children

Over the years, a growing number of black Americans have sought to reconnect with their lost children in the Philippines. While historically, some of these connections were established during periods of U.S. military presence in the country, today, many are the result of previous relationships and international adoptions.

The appeal of the Philippines as a destination for these individuals lies not only in the desire to reunite with their loved ones but also in the country’s attractive lifestyle, affordable cost of living, and thriving expat community. Many black Americans are choosing to relocate to the Philippines permanently or for extended periods, seeking a new chapter in their lives with their Blasian families.

Wanna help? Visit: https://www.paga.ph

The Philippine American Guardian Association, Inc. (PAGA) serves needy Filipino Amerasian children and their families. With headquarters in Metro Manila, Philippines, PAGA is licensed to operate as a social welfare agency implementing community-based programs for children, youth, and families by the Department of Social Welfare and Development and accredited by the Philippine Council for NGO Certification (PCNC).

Blasian Empowerment and Opportunities

The increasing number of black-American-owned businesses and brands in the Philippines has opened doors for Blasian talents. Entrepreneurs and employers, recognizing the unique perspectives and talents of Blasians, actively seek to include them in their ventures.

This shift has created opportunities for Blasians.

Now, let me introduce you to someone who’s making big moves -John Mark “Jahmal” Gonzales-Jackson, the Blasian-Filipino basketball, model, and soon-to-be Host, with dreams as high as the sky. He’s about to hit the scene with his new segment, “Blazzian Pre-Show Podcast” which is all about celebrating the Blasian community, youth, and the love of sports and music. It’s gonna be straight-up fire, y’all!

Jahmal’s’ new segment, “Blazzian”, is the pre-show set-up, hype, and announcements segment of Kareem Jackson Live! On The Set; but aims to celebrate and empower the Blasian community by highlighting their achievements, interests, and contributions to sports, music, and other industries. This special segment will not only foster a sense of pride among Blasians but also inspire future generations to embrace their heritage and identity.

The Blasian phenomenon in the Philippines is a testament to the power of multiculturalism and diversity. As this community continues to grow and thrive, it enriches the country’s social fabric and presents promising economic prospects. Moreover, the increasing number of black Americans (and other ex-pats) seeking their lost children and choosing to build new lives in the Philippines further reinforces the significance of these cross-cultural connections.

As the world becomes more interconnected and appreciative of diverse backgrounds, the Blasian community stands poised to make a lasting impact, leaving an indelible mark on the cultural and economic landscape of the Philippines and beyond.

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