Vibin’ Together: “SLIDE” Young Artists Unite Filipino and US Hip-Hop Flavors


Yo, peep this: we talkin’ ’bout that “North Side Crew – Slide” joint, and let me tell ya, it’s all ’bout showin’ love to the young guns droppin’ beats and mixin’ up the Filipino, Blassian and Black American hip-hop scene.

Ridin’ with Young Bloods: Backin’ Up the Future

Aight, check it—our young artists are the future game-changers.

Holdin’ them down ain’t just about bein’ generous; it’s an investment in fresh styles, new vibes, and a whole new era.

Throwin’ them some cash, reppin’ their videos, givin’ ’em guidance, teaching them about revenue streams, gettin’ their work out there—that’s how we pave the way for ’em to flip the script.

Hip-Hop: No Borders, Just Beats and Rhymes

It’s 2023!

Let’s get one thing straight—hip-hop ain’t confined to the block.

Hip-Hop is a global language, and “SLIDE” by North Side Crew is proof of that. When you got Filipinos, Blassians and Black Americans mixin’ in the hip-hop kitchen, you cookin’ up a fusion that’s straight fire!

They takin’ those struggles, hustles, and stories, and layin’ ’em down on tracks that anyone, anywhere can vibe to.

Bringin’ the Heat to Both Ends

This ain’t just a blend, fam; it’s a cultural crossroads.

For our Filipino and Blasian folks, it’s a shoutout to their grind on the world stage.

And for Black America, it’s a flavor infusion that adds depth to the hip-hop narrative. It’s all love, respect, and a mutual hustle to make the global hip-hop game stronger.

Wrappin’ it Up: Celebratin’ Artistic Unity

“SLIDE” the new single by North Side Crew ain’t just another track—it’s a testament to artists uniting, cultures mixin’, and creativity breakin’ boundaries.

We got young artists pushin’ the envelope, controlling the narrative, hip-hop bridgin’ the gaps, and everyone catchin’ the vibe.

When we back our young artists, we paint the world with new shades, and that’s how we keep the hip-hop legacy rollin’.

Meet SLIDE by North Side Crew:

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