The Art of Filipino Hairstyling: The Papa Gerry’s Family Rise to Success

Yo, listen up!

In the vibrant culture of the Philippines, one thing stands out – Filipinos love to rock stylish hair! From classic cuts to modern trends, it’s all about looking sharp and feeling fly.

That being said we would like to introduce to you…

Papa Gerry’s Barbershop+Salon.

Evolution of Papa Gerry’s Barbershop+Salon:

Starting with a vision to serve the community, established in September 2022. Papa Gerry’s became the talk of the town. But that wasn’t enough for this innovative family. They wanted to keep things fresh and exciting, so they added something extra – a dope vape shop right there inside the barbershop!

A hairstylist with a Vision:

When it came to hairstyles, they knew they needed a pro with mad skills. That’s when Aaron Carreon, the hairstylist/barber extraordinaire, stepped up. Bringing in that salon expertise, he turned the barbershop into a grooming hotspot. Classic cuts met modern hair treatments, and everyone was feeling the vibe.

Expanding Roots:

Success couldn’t hold ’em back! They dreamed big and looked back to Gerardo’s hometown, Hagonoy, Bulacan. And guess what? They’re about to open another spot there, taking their game to a whole new level.

The Perfume Emporium:

Talk about a sweet scent! “Gorgeous Scent” came to life inside Gerry’s Barbershop. Perfume galore, handpicked with love, and named after Gerardo’s granddaughter, Gorgeous Aleia. It’s like a breath of fresh air!

In Loving Memory:

But the story doesn’t end there. “The Purple Clouds Vapeshop” brings a whole new vibe. It’s a tribute to a lost loved one, keeping the memories alive with their favorite color – purple.

Gerry’s Barbershop, the heart of their hustle, where dreams came alive. Tradition blending with modern style, memories embraced in scent and color. They’re inspiring all the dreamers out there, showing what’s possible with love and passion.

In this game of family entrepreneurship, they got that winning formula – love, unity, and a drive to make it big. Dreams taking flight, yo!

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