Move Over Zumba: Grovey Effects Takes the Philippines by Storm

The Philippines is a country that’s increasingly focused on fitness and wellness, with a growing market for fitness trainers and studios. According to a 2021 report by ResearchAndMarkets.com, the Philippines fitness services market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.6% during the forecast period of 2021-2026. This growth is driven by factors such as rising health awareness among Filipinos, the increasing popularity of group fitness classes, and the expansion of fitness centers in urban areas.

Against this backdrop, Ryan Grovey and his Grovey Effect Dance Fitness program are coming to Quezon City, Philippines live this coming weekend. As a black American instructor who loves the Philippines, Ryan sees an opportunity to create entrepreneurship opportunities for Filipinos who are passionate about fitness and dance. He believes that the unique energy and vibe he brings as a black American will resonate with Filipinos and help the Grovey Effect become the next big thing in the Philippine fitness market.

Want to join the fun and fitness?

Visit: https://www.groveyeffect.com/event-details/03-19-2023-live-instructor-training-in-the-philippines

Ryan is the real deal when it comes to fitness and dance instruction, with years of experience as a motivator, instructor, and international presenter. His Grovey Effect program is a high-energy, powerful, and dynamic cardio dance fitness workout that incorporates high-intensity interval training and strength training for maximum results. It’s an experience, not just a class, which challenges your endurance and strength while dancing to your favorite hits. The program has received many testimonials from people who have broken plateaus and reached their fitness goals through the program.

The Grovey Effect Instructor program is open to all fitness enthusiasts, instructors, and trainers in the Philippines. No prior experience is needed to become a certified Grovey Effect Instructor and start your own business.

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As a Grovey Effect Instructor, you’ll receive customized warm-up mixes by Grovey Effect DJ inspired by Ryan’s favorite music. You’ll also get an instructor-only 20% discount on any of the items in the Grovey Effect Digital Shop, including hoodies, tops, and accessories. And, as much as 35% OFF TICKETS!

In conclusion, Ryan Grovey and the Grovey Effect are coming to the Philippines at a time when the fitness and wellness industry is rapidly growing. With his unique energy and vibe as a black American instructor, Ryan sees an opportunity to create entrepreneurship opportunities for Filipinos who are passionate about fitness and dance. The Grovey Effect Instructor program is an exciting opportunity for fitness enthusiasts in the Philippines to become certified instructors and work for themselves, doing what they love.

“Get ready to move and groove with the hottest new dance fitness program coming all the way from the USA to the Philippines!

I’m Ryan Grovey, CEO of Grovey Effects, and I’m thrilled to announce that we’re launching our latest program on March 19th.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to transform your fitness routine with our innovative and exciting dance routines. And to sweeten the deal, we’re offering a special introductory price of just $149 for all our first-time participants in the Philippines.

But wait, it gets even better! As an active instructor, you’ll have access to new choreography every single month for just $15. That’s right, you’ll always be ahead of the game with the latest and greatest dance moves from Grovey Effects.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now using the link below and get ready to dance your way to a healthier, happier you. We can’t wait to see you there!” 

-Ryan Grovey, CEO of Grovey Effects

Register here now, while spots are still available: https://www.groveyeffect.com/event-details/03-19-2023-live-instructor-training-in-the-philippines

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