Freedom, Peace, and Happiness of All Human Beings

Come Home to the yoUniverse inside of YOU – the vastness of space holding infinite potential. Blazing, colliding, spiraling in beautifully orchestrated chaos perfectly imperfect
Lights with Other Lights
Dancing, Beaming, Being

Do you feel a call in your soul for something deeper, sacred, and more alignment with who you are discovering yourself to be?

To seek what’s inside of you and reclaim who you have always intended to be – more true to your gifts and be in commYOUnion with like-minded souls in resonance. What does it truly mean to come home?
What does it take to shine your light in the brightest way possible and let it beam out into space?
Like how a lighthouse guides sailors to shore, so does your light remind others of their powerful core
This is our intention, last year and always, to gather, lights with other lights, to be empowered, awake, and alive as we together weave a web of prayer and Love

Along the foothills of Mount Banahaw and Mount Cristobal, are sacred sites known for pilgrimages. We will nestle in between these two mountains as we journey deep within our own shadow and light, in between worlds with the aid of plant medicines and space holders who share in a grander intention of seeding a new Earth rooted in Love, Kindness, Compassion, to live in sacred reciprocity with Mother Earth

We are at an astronomical turning point, a Golden Era, one that cycles every 26,000 years. Imagine how our souls chose To BE alive at this transformative time – to be the midwives consciously co-creating a world that has never been before. This is how powerful we all are, each with a role to play in the healing of our world and to midwife a new world that has never been before.

Reconnecting with Nature, our essential Nature, to nurture safe spaces that allow us to be vulnerable in our transformation, to be in a community with empowered souls that inspire us to be our most unique and authentic selves are fertilizers, anchors, and chargers that fortify us bridge the new earth and assist us in these times of transition. The old operating system of living is passing. Along with it comes grief, loss, chaos, and intensity.

 This is all part of it, part of the LOVE we are all coming back HOME to, to remind you of what has always been inside of YOU.

With Plant Allies – Ceremonial Cacao from Madre Mundo, the medicinal brew of mushrooms, flowers, and herbs, space holders, and shamans that anchor us as we bridge worlds

Experience your heart, mind, and spirit open to healing and other states of consciousness within a ceremonial and sacred space held in reverence to the land, ancestors, and lineage.

Through ceremony, we equip ourselves with the tools necessary to navigate the transforming world with grace, love, and compassion this year choose how you are called to dive and explore YOU


August 19 and 20

Extract your essence with a full ceremonial dose of plant medicine, guided shamanic journey, cacao ritual, sacred circle and ceremony


  • Full Ceremonial Dose Cacao & Plant Medicine
  • Vegetarian Meals (Dinner and Breakfast)
  • Ceremony and Gathering
  • Transportation (Manila – Ritwal – Manila)
  • Camp Fees

*bring your own Camping Gear – tent and sleeping bag

August 19 3pm to 10pm and August 20 Homecoming Gathering 9am to 4pm



August 20

Soul Tribe Gathering, movement and play, Cacao & Plant Medicine, Earth-Body connection, Conscious Rage, Energy Attunement


  • Ceremony and Plant Medicine
  • Vegetarian Snacks
  • Environmental Fees
  • Transportation (Manila – Ritwal – Manila)

August 20, 9am to 4pm


*payment plans for those who need assistance, send us a message at heart@mata.com.ph or on Instagram and we would gladly work with a schedule that is kindest for you

PayPal is also available. Send your proof of transfer to heart@mata.com.ph

Space Holders

Cath Prema, Waheguru Hermitage

Mother’s Love

Opaline Santos, Malaya, Mapusok, Masigasig. Ibinabalik ang lahat sa sinapupunan ng ina, sa lupa, sa pinagmulan. Uuwi. Kung saan maaring ipanganak ulit ang sarili, sa bagong panimula. 

Steve Manzano, Ginahawa Art of Journaling, Pata(a)s, (H)earth. Holding the masculine pole. Bringing with me the medicine of magiting na lalaki sa linya ng mga ninuno sa maraming buhay at susunod na buhay. Mahal ko kayo! 

Marge, Madre Mundo, Blissful, Forgiving, Grounded. May love open us to receive beyond anything that we can imagine.

Gabriel Thoth, The Mind of Gabriel

Ani, playful, creative, loving. To be a channel and a gentle guide in alchemizing our shadows and embracing our whole BEing and to hold space with love and joy as we return to the heart. 💖💖💖

Althea,Deep Ecology PH, grounded, connected, intuitive. Healing through connection to our Earthly home (our planet, our bodies, our community)

Aien, loving, embracing, childlike wonder. Come home to, and rest in Mother’s love

Denise, Patuloy, Tiwala, sa nararapat at tama.

Austin, joyful, luminous. To release this world from the invertedness of it all through joy, healing, and nourishment 

Tlc, here, now. Empowering you to awaken. tahan na, mata na.

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