Kareem Jackson

The founder of Minority Success America, Jackson is a simple man at heart. Though he was ridiculed and the focus of numerous US TV News reports, Jackson decided to outsource over 50% of his US operations in 2012, laying-off more than 100 team members and closed his 10,000 sq. ft. creatives loft in downtown Kansas City.

To the surprise of his peers, he used this business outsourcing-style innovation, not get richer, on the contrary, Jackson simplified his life, downsized US operations, cut-back the 60-75 hour weeks he was use to working in the US just to break even, bought a catamaran yacht in Marina Del Rey, California near his families horse ranch and by 2013 nearly 100% of his business would be outsourced and run from his laptop.

Initially, the outsourcing and US Dollar Conversion Rate was merely savings which he would apply to his US magazine publishing. However, after an eye-opening invitation to Jackson and other US Media by Philippines former President Aquino III while visiting New York City, Kareem looked to Asia. Aquino asked US Media to visit and see his country for themselves and subsequently feature the Philippines in positive ways; following the negative press of PH Media murders and sex-trafficking plagued the countries image.

Kareem Jackson had already, successfully down-sized his life and was looking for a tranquil and simple-lifestyle. He was surprised by President Aquino’s sincerity, and subsequently took the PH President’s open invitation seriously. From aboard his catamaran yacht where he now lived full-time; before having ever visited the country, via PH-based lifestyle, tourism and business consultants, Jackson developed his premier issue of ‘The Philippines Magazine’ international.

Jackson, using his own out-of-pocket finances and passion for positive media, as a debut and positive-image solution for the Philippines Department of Tourism (under Sec. Lim) and the Office of the President. As well as, PH-based printers, and both US and PH-based photographers, designers and contributors . The maiden issue was printed in the Philippines and shipped to the United States and distributed (for free) to more than 500 US-based Filipino-owned businesses and events -it was the first of its kind. Conceptualized, developed, published and delivered 100% from his laptop, Jackson virtual-business model was now tried, tested and proven success.

Kareem Jackson subsequently visited the Philippines to see the country for himself, he was met at the Aquino International Airport by representatives from the PH DOT, local press and partners. Upon visiting the country, he was immediately appalled by the highly-false, bias and unfair media -just as Aquino as expressed. He fell in love with the lifestyle, Filipino hospitality and later returned with more magazines in-hand to distribute copies in the country as well. .

Despite heavily ridicule, seeing an untapped mega market, he abandoned the magazines initial ‘A-list’ editorial direction and re-vamped the magazine to exclusively showcase the ‘optimistic side’ of the Philippines and announced the magazine would be 100% complimentary in-print, on-line and in digital formats so the whole world could see the beauty of the Philippines. He would later, cater the complimentary publication to the Philippines mainstream and/or ‘masa’ markets and lifestyle which he found to be the future of the countries success and the true-beauty of the country.

Jackson was right. The Philippines later became the world’s fastest-growing economy, beat-out India for call center and BPO industry and was consistently ranked highest by National Geographic.

Today Kareem Jackson has more then 10 magazine titles, events and competitions in the Philippines ranging from lifestyle, to tattoo, nightlife and outsourcing, over 100 tours from beautiful islands, underground shanties and elite destinations. He is the countries first black American/foreign media host, with a radio and TV show deal on the table with Malancanang Palace, he’s appeared on more than 500 PH and US-based radio, print features, video blogs and TV Shows promoting the true-Philippines lifestyle. In addition, Jackson and his group KA&CO a US LLC which handles international business development, seminars, marketing and publishing, and also helps PH-based businesses develop their operations to attract the growing foreign and international consumer/investor markets, as well as marketing the Philippines internationally.


Phmag-Kareem On the Set

Kareem Jackson

Natalia Moon

Natalia Moon, the ‘Barbie Doll from Down Under’, is an experienced 25-year old Australian Actress, Singer Songwriter, Dj, Model and Host. The curvaceous petite ‘Moon’ speaks English and Tagalog and is perfect if you are looking for a performer to spice up your events, movies or TV shows.

Natalia has been in the entertainment industry in The Philippines for the past 3 years. She was nominated for ‘Outstanding Breakthrough Actress’ at the ‘6th Golden Screen Awards’ in 2015.

Natalia has appeared in many Television shows during her career as both host and actress. She hosted ‘North Bound’, a Travel Show produced for ABS-CBN. She has had numerous roles on Shop TV and was a cast member of GMA7’s comedy sitcom ‘Ismol Family’. She is known internationally for her role as ‘Julia’ in ‘The Kitchen Musical: The Boston’ which aired internationally on TFC, MYXTV and Lifestyle Network.

Natalia writes and records her own songs in the genres of pop, EDM and hiphop which can be found on Soundcloud, Reverbnation and iTunes. Some of her recent songs are ‘Better’, ‘Love You’ and ‘Backwards’.

Natalia is also a DJ (DJ Natalia Moon) and travels both domestically and internationally to spin her tracks. Moon plays EDM, house, mashups and hiphop. Natalia not only DJ’S, she also includes live singing into her Set.

Natalia currently endorses Lynelle Hair Extensions, Golds Gym, YSA Skin and Body Experts, Dental World Manila, Ultimate Fitness Metrowalk , Pretty Looks and Billy James Fitness.


The Philippines Magazine-natalia-moon

Natalia Moon

Ted Lerner

Ted Lerner is an inspiration to many expats around the world, especially in the where where he has made an amazing life for himself. Ted, is a professional boxing announcer, the founder of The Angeles City Micro Beer Festival and is promoting the Philippines lifestyle in new and innovative ways with is popular blog “Hey Joe!”.


The Philippines Magazine-ted-lerner

Ted Lerner

 Sandra Hale Tockes

Sandra is an amazing expat who has called the Philippines home for more than 20 years. A recognized expat success story in business, life, philanthropy and the arts. We first met Sandra during a private expat mixer in Makati City where we were promoting The Philippines Magazine International’s debut, then later she hosted us at The Elk’s Club for a recruitment mixer.


The Philippines Magazine-Sandra

Mehdi Moussaoui

Mehdi Moussaoui has burst onto the Philippines fashion scene making a name for himself in the haute couture, textiles and make-up industry. The Cannes, France native is a L’Oréal media advocate ambassador as well as, a RARE Magazine USA major contributor, a renowned hair artist, Creative Director for USA Magazine, co-founder in Black Diamond Lcp Model Agency and Fabrics Nation in Mandaluyong City, a Haute Couture Fabrics showroom. Mehdi has worked with many of the Philippines top fashion models from around the world and has build himself into a beacon for high-end fashion in the country.


Mehdi Moussaoui

Mehdi Moussaoui

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