ESCERO PHILIPPINES: Longos Band Hits The International Stage

Escreo Philippines

“Groovin’ to the Beat: Philippines’ Explosive Band Culture Lights Up the Scene!”

Yo, check it out! We’re diving into the electrifying scene that’s blazing trails and setting stages on fire in the Philippines. Don’t just dream it, live it – that’s the message from the vibrant band culture that’s got the whole archipelago groovin’ to its rhythm. And guess what? Longos Lifestyle Magazine’s got the inside scoop just for you!

Escreo Philippines: Born from the Streets, Rockin’ the World

Hold onto your hats, because we’re taking you on a wild ride with Escreo Philippines! Started off as a one-man show, this ain’t your grandma’s band, no sir. In 2023, this solo act transformed into a full-blown rock sensation that’s making waves across the nation. At the helm is the one and only Raymart King “Escreo” Dela Cruz –the frontman, the storyteller, and the soul of the crew.

Picture this: Raymart, strumming his guitar, pouring out lyrics that hit you right in the feels. He kicked off his journey in 2013, but it wasn’t until 2017 that he took the stage by storm. Since then, he’s been serving up tunes inspired by his late grandpa’s poetry and a fusion of legendary icons like Bon Jovi, Freddie Mercury, and more. Talk about mixing up the old school and the new cool!

Unleashin’ the Vibes

Escreo Band Philippines isn’t just makin’ music, they’re makin’ magic! These cats are everywhere – tearin’ it up in malls, throwin’ down on radio stations, and even poppin’ up on your TV screen. You’ve heard ’em drop singles like “Gasera,” “Dying for Your Love,” and “Hintay,” and let me tell you, these tracks aren’t just music, they’re journeys.

Meet the Crew that Keeps the Fire Burnin’

Let’s break it down: on the drums, we got Nhiko “Nhik’s” Adriano, bringin’ that heart-pounding beat. Jefferson Roque, the bass slinger, keepin’ the groove alive. Gio Pascual “GP” Aligada, lead guitarist extraordinaire, shreddin’ those strings like nobody’s business. And don’t forget Alexander “Yeshang” Pajanustan, the rhythm guru, layin’ down the foundation. Are these cats together? It’s like a symphony of the streets.

Unveil the Grooves: “VIENS and ARTERIES”

Hold tight, ’cause Escreo Cruz is droppin’ a bombshell – the “VIENS and ARTERIES” album! This ain’t your run-of-the-mill record, fam. It’s a journey through the heart, with tracks like “Anesthesia,” “Dito ka na lang,” and “Palahian.” These ain’t just songs; they’re experiences, stories that’ll have you vibin’ from start to finish.

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Chasin’ Dreams, Catchin’ Stars

Escreo Philippines ain’t just about the music – they’re about the message. They’re out to prove that dreams ain’t just for dreamin’, they’re for livin’. These cats are hustlin’ to be the name on everyone’s lips, from the local scene to the global stage. And listen up, young bloods – they’re here to inspire you to chase your dreams, armed with your passion and your skills.

So there you have it, fam. Escreo Philippines ain’t just a band; they’re a movement, a rhythm that’s sweeping across the Philippines and beyond. It’s all about followin’ your heart and livin’ your passion, because when you do, you create magic that’s all your own.

Keep your eyes peeled, ’cause this feature’s for all the dreamers, all the hustlers, and all the believers.

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