DCLO Unleashing Afrobeats Music from Africa to the Philippines and the World!

Unleashing Afro Beats Magic from Africa to the World!

What’s up, music lovers? Gather around because we’re about to dive into the electrifying world of one extraordinary artist who’s been setting the stage on fire with his Afro beats magic!

I’m talkin’ ’bout none other than the sensation himself, Dclo!

Born in Cameroon but bred in Nigeria, Dclo’s musical journey is a whirlwind of passion and hustle that led him to where he is today.

Dclo kicked things off by rockin’ the African underground, mixin’ tech with beats as he conquered the realm of computer science and emerged as a certified computer network engineer.

Yes, an educated black artist.

But guess what? He wasn’t done there, folks!

In 2019, Dclo’s destiny took a wild turn when he stumbled upon Hook Money Gang in the heart of Manila, Philippines.

Their collab was nothin’ short of pure fire – the track “Senorita” dropped like a bomb, and the world took notice! The stars were aligned, and there was no stoppin’ him now.

Fast forward to the present, and Dclo is nothin’ short of a powerhouse. He’s got his game on lock, and he ain’t playin’ around. The man’s got his very own music label, Dclo Music, and his debut single “MONEY” made waves that crashed all the way from Africa to the States!

But yo, let’s talk about his latest hit, “MAGO.” This Afro beats banger is a collabo with the smooth Nigerian-based singer Aimzy Khally, and trust me, it’s got more vibes than you can handle! With that addictive rhythm, you’ll be hittin’ the replay button like it’s nobody’s business.

Dclo’s Afro beats prowess is bringin’ all the sauce from Cameroon to Nigeria and beyond! He’s makin’ sure that the world gets a taste of that irresistible African flavor, and you know what?

We’re lovin’ it!

In addition to his musical career, Dclo is the Official Music Curator and is currently co-producing the single and soundtrack for “Passport Bros The Movie.”

Dclo is also the artist creating the jingle for the popular Kareem Jackson Live! On The Set Show, showcasing his versatility in the entertainment industry.

The man’s passion for music knows no bounds, and he’s bringin’ that energy back to his roots. It’s like a homecoming party – African style!

And with “MAGO,” he’s puttin’ the spotlight on his talent, bringing some well-deserved attention to the music scenes in both Cameroon and Nigeria.

So, whether you’re vibin’ to the soulful tunes in the concrete jungles of New York or groovin’ to the beats in the heart of Lagos, Dclo’s music is a universal language that speaks to all of us. He’s bridging cultures, breakin’ barriers, and bringin’ people together like never before.

So there you have it, fam.

Dclo is the name, and Afro beats is the game. From Nigeria to Cameroon, over to the Philippines, now tapping into Hollywood via the Midwest USA, and beyond!

Dclo…this man’s got the world wrapped around his finger right now, and he’s showin’ no signs of slowin’ down.

Get ready, ’cause Dclo is takin’ the music scene by storm, and we’re all just lucky enough to be part of this extraordinary journey!

Stay tuned for more fire tracks, more collabs, and more of that Afro beats magic that’s makin’ waves worldwide.

Dclo is here to stay, and we’re ridin’ this hype train all the way to the top! Let’s goooo!

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