The Philippines’ Marcos Administration to be presented a “Black-American Amnesty Campaign: A Haven from US Racism and Beyond”

A Haven from US Racism and Beyond

The Philippines’ Marcos Administration to be presented a “Black-American Amnesty Campaign: A Haven from US Racism and Beyond”

In recent years, an increasing number of Black (and other) Americans have sought refuge from the challenges they face in the United States, such as racism, mental health issues, poor food quality, inflation, policing, modern relationship issues, environmental health concerns, high-cost medications, inflated medical costs, and the unfortunate prevalence of violence leading to loss of black lives.

“…we see the (US) police shooting a black guy there…blacks there dead, so, you shoot a black there (in America) dead, what is that? Is that not appalling? …I do not hear any of you there (in the Western media) complaining about the stench of death!” –former Philippines President Duderte

The Philippines, now under the visionary leadership of the Marcos Administration -again, has historically taken steps to provide a welcoming environment for these individuals.

Back to the days of the Aetas, to black-American US soldier, who became a Philippines Icon, Philippine-American War Philippines Army General David Fagen who fought for Philippines Liberation (amongst others), to The Marcos Family hosting Mohammed Ali “Thrilla’ In Manila” and the warm-welcome the Philippines extended for former US President Barack Obama, the Philippines has long been an ally of the black American community –amongst others.

“The people are lovely, the people are warm, …and I feel this is home.”

–Mohammad Ali “Thrilla in Manila”

“Thrilla In Manila” Boxers Muhammad Ali and Smokin’ Joe Frazier with President Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos. (19 Sep 1975):

A Black American-Filipino business, tourism, and community development group proposes a “Black American Amnesty Program” campaign: targeted directly and unapologetically at tourism, trade, and investment interest from the US black community; currently, one of the world’s richest economies, ranking right behind Mexico, Canada, Spain, and South Korea, higher than Australia, Iran, Taiwan, and Poland.

This initiative aims to promote the Philippines’ hospitality, leisure tourism, mental-health retreats, medical tourism, and racism-free lifestyle as well as, offer respite, support, and opportunities for a better life in a country that values diversity, safety, family, and well-being.

Meet H.E.R.:

The multi-Grammy nominated, black-Filipina artist, reflects on her upbringing in a Black and Filipino household and its effect on her career. Here, she linked up with Genius’ Rob Markman at the Filipino restaurant Kabayan Authentic in Queens, NYC, for an in-depth conversation.

The Black American Amnesty Campaign

The Black American Amnesty Campaign is a landmark initiative to be introduced to the Marcos Administration later this year as tourism season kicks in this summer in the US; and as the nearly 500,000 American awaiting passports in the US are facilitated. It aims to address the pressing issues that many Black Americans face in the United States and provide them with a warm welcome and safe haven in the Philippines. By offering an ‘amnesty-type’ solution, the program ensures that individuals can escape the systemic challenges they encounter in their home country and find a fresh start in a more inclusive and supportive environment.

Issues Addressed by the Campaign

  1. Racism: The United States has struggled with deeply ingrained racial issues, leading to systemic racism and discrimination. The Philippines seeks to be a beacon of inclusivity, providing an atmosphere where all individuals can thrive, irrespective of their race or ethnicity.
  2. Positive Mental Health: Mental health remains a significant concern in the US, with limited access to affordable and comprehensive care. The Philippines offers an environment that values mental well-being, and with a growing focus on mental health services, individuals can find the support they need to lead fulfilling lives.
  3. World-Class Food Quality: The Philippines takes pride in its rich culinary heritage and abundant access to fresh, locally sourced produce. This presents an opportunity for Black Americans to experience a diverse and healthy diet that contributes to overall well-being.
  4. Modern-Relationship Issues: Relationship challenges are not unique to the US, but the Philippines fosters a culture of strong family bonds and nurturing relationships, providing an environment conducive to building meaningful connections.
  5. Environmental Health Issues and Death: The Philippines recognizes the importance of preserving its natural beauty and is committed to addressing environmental health concerns. Through sustainability efforts, the country aims to offer a healthier living environment.

Support from Democrats Abroad

The Black American Amnesty Campaign has garnered support from Democrats Abroad, an organization that represents the political interests of American citizens living outside the United States. Democrats Abroad recognizes the value of providing a safe haven for those seeking to escape hardships in the US and advocates for comprehensive policies to aid their voting while making the transition to a better life in the Philippines.

Former President Duterte’s Stance on US Media and Black Americans

Former President Duterte has been known for his candid and at times controversial statements. He has previously expressed frustration with Western and US media, particularly regarding their coverage of the United States’ treatment of Black Americans. He highlighted the irony of criticism directed at the Philippines while similar issues persisted in the US. Though Duterte’s comments sparked debates, they also brought attention to the need for addressing racial issues on a global scale.

Tourism in the Philippines

The Philippines has seen a surge in tourism over the years, attracting visitors from all over the world. The country’s stunning natural landscapes, pristine beaches, and vibrant culture have contributed to its popularity as a tourist destination. With the introduction of the Black American Amnesty Campaign, the Philippines is likely to witness an increase in visitors from the US, including Black Americans seeking a wellness refuge and new opportunities –either part or full-time in the Philippines.

Medical Tourism, Cosmetic Surgery, Wellness, and Quality Healthcare

In recent times, the Philippines has emerged as a prominent destination for both medical, wellness and cosmetic tourism. The Philippines offers high-quality healthcare services at more affordable costs compared to many Western countries –as much as 50% off. An added benefit is that the Philippines also provides higher-quality care for the price, holistic, and aftercare.  The presence of state-of-the-art medical facilities, skilled healthcare professionals, and world-renowned hospitality nurses, has made the Philippines an attractive option for those seeking medical treatments and procedures.

A Low-Stress Lifestyle and Retirement Benefits

The Philippines’ culture emphasizes a relaxed and friendly way of life, its great cost of living allows for a higher quality of life, making it an appealing choice for those seeking a lower-stress lifestyle.

Additionally, the country provides numerous benefits for retirees, including a lower cost of living, low-cost medications, affordable in-home healthcare nurses and companions, as well as, private-doctors, beautiful retirement destinations, and access to healthcare at a fraction of the cost compared to the US. This has made the Philippines a popular choice for retirees looking to make the most of their retirement funds and live comfortably.

In short, if accepted by The Philippines’ Marcos Administration, The Black American Amnesty Campaign represents a step towards fostering inclusivity, support, and opportunity for Black Americans seeking refuge from the challenges of the United States.

The Philippines realizes, that by addressing issues of racism, mental health, food quality, relationships, and environmental health in the US, the Philippines can reap returns from its endeavors to offer a fresh start and a better life for those seeking solace.

The Philippines’ booming tourism industry, emphasis on medical tourism, quality healthcare, and appealing retirement benefits further enhance its appeal to those considering the Philippines as a new chapter in their lives. With the support of Democrats Abroad to keep all US expats, especially the valuable black-American vote, connected and registered back home. Next, is making black Americans aware of the 21 to 30-day free Philippines Visa upon arrival for black (and other) Americans, the Philippines remains committed to being a haven for those in search of a brighter future.

David Fagen and the African Americans Who Fought in the Philippine-American War:


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