A Date With My Idol Event Bulacan Philanthropy

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“A Date With My Idol Event Bulacan Philanthropy”

[dropcap]KA-DATE KO ANG LODI KO, The 4th OUTREACH PROGRAM for Willing Hearts Orphanage, Inc. was held today from 1pm to 5pm and was such a wonderful event. Lead by Ma Teresa Sta Teresa, located in Lalakhan, Santa Maria, Bulacan.[/dropcap]


Willing Hearts Orphanage started in 2008 by two friends; Maria Teresa from the Philippines and Thomas Wee from Singapore. Both Maria and Thomas share a mutual passion to do good. And today, they have 7 resident volunteers, and their orphanage is home to 17 kids, (3 of which are girls), who have lost their parents, lived on the streets, or been abandoned. These wonderful children, receive shelter, nourishment, security, love and education.

“Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others.” -Ma’am Maria Teresa

At todays “Date With My Idol” event, organized by John Lim, with Masters of Ceremony, Sir J Kenneth Lim and Ma’am Melize Alfonso,
the children had a fun-filled day of games, clowns, programs, great food, beverages and give-a-ways.

The special events for underprivileged youth, cannot happen without wonderful and supportive people in the community. We want to give special recognition and showcase the kind-hearted philanthropists who helped to make this day special.

• FOOD for 50 people, volunteers for the event and a water dispenser from Ma’am Ynah Castro of Sa Reymalyn Mahalaga Ka.
• Rice Sack, from an anonymous senior sponsor.
• 10 LITERS Dishwashing Liquid, Ma’am Marianne Nardnug Allapa
• Toiletries; toothpaste, toothbrushes, antiseptic, bath soaps, laundry bar and powder soaps, germicidal soaps, Tita Zenaida De Gula Barretto
• Laundry Baskets and 20 pieces of detergent bar shops, Ma’am Tess Lim
• Good Worth P500.00, Ma’am Cristelyn Calisin (via Sir J Kenneth Lim)
• 25 KILOS of rice, Sir Citizen Boots B Nicolas of DWBL’ s Edukasyon ang Solusyon Radio Program,
• Biscuits, Crackers and Disinfectants, Ma’am Eddielyn Gerona Ansag
• Misc. Grocery Items, Biscuits and 21 Gift Bags, Ma’am Eriselle Bernardo-Briones of Briones Dental Clinic
• 4 Bags of Fruits and 12 Bottles of Fabric Conditioner, Ma’am KF and family
• 2 Sacks of Rice (25 kilos each), Canned Sausages, Canned Sardines, Margarine and Chocolate Drinks, Tita Juliet Dayrit-Dizon
• Biscuits, Etcetera Collections
• Chocolate Mallows, Ma’am Eda Maine
• Biscuits and Chocolates, Ma’am Cristel Calisin
• Hygienics, Ma’am Daisy Ella Ocasiones
• Assorted Clothes, Ma’am Anna Torres

“…for it’s more of a blessing to give than to receive.”
– Acts 20:35 (NIV)


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