420 Movement PH Hosted by El Zamba Villas, Liw-liwa Zambales Philippines

Presenting to you this historical event coming this summer, El Zamba Villas Resort will host the well-known 420 Movement PH and Early Bird Tickets will be limited for the First 100 who avail the tickets, therefore walk-ins and regular tickets will be available at the event venue.

What is 420 Movement PH?
“Whole day festival access featuring music from awesome bands and DJs, thoughtful conversations about the advocacy, cool and interesting workshops, 4×4 monster truck display, plus access to other festival experiences. Daytime activities include dune buggies and ATV rides, tattoo booths, beach volleyball, and frisbee games, BBQ cookouts, morning Yoga session, and more! Cool stuff from local brands and merchants will also be available for sale. Imagine enjoying all of these at the Zambales beach while swaying to reggae music blasting through our sound system! Join us at the 1st 420 Movement PH Festival this coming April 20, 2022.”

420 Movement PHAdvofest (Advocacy Fest)

This is not your typical marijuana-indulging festival. As the current administration’s war on drugs intensified, access to medical marijuana has been made more difficult for those who need it the most – those suffering from epilepsy, chronic pain, Parkinson’s disease, and glaucoma, to name a few. Being denied a safe, effective and affordable relief (and cure) to their illness, people who suffer from these diseases often resort to illegal means to access this life-saving plant at the risk of going to jail — or worse, dead.

420 Movement PH is the brainchild of socially-aware musicians, artists, and advocates who seek to steer the subculture towards the more meaningful discourse of the medicinal uses and benefits of Cannabis.

In recent years, the battle for the right of Filipino citizens to legally use cannabis has been a hotly-debated topic due to the filing of House Bill No. 4477 (Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Act) in the House of Representatives by Rep. Rodolfo Albano III back in 2014. This bill has been constantly refiled in the Philippine Congress, until it was finally passed in 2019, only to be blocked by the Senate and President Rodrigo Duterte from the passage into law.

Moreover, we want to start a movement that would not just advocate for medical marijuana, but for the protection of the environment as well. Climate change is one of the most existential threats to mankind in contemporary history. The marijuana subculture is inextricably intertwined with the love of nature, simple living, and compassion for our fellowmen. We believe that these virtues are worth cultivating to bring awareness to environmental issues such as climate change.

Through the use of music, culture, and the arts, we plan to raise awareness of issues that should matter to everyone – our collective survival. We are not alone in this advocacy. Sharing the stage with the artists and musicians are various non-government organizations, groups, individuals, and public servants who advocate medical marijuana and environmental protection.

420 Movement PH Festival 2022 will not only focus on the music and its subculture but also on advocacies and education. Speakers from these groups will be given time to expound on their advocacies and to educate the festival-goers about their areas of expertise. Our festival will provide a safe avenue where we can have fun and enjoy music, arts, workshops, local merchandise, and beach sports while at the same time giving support to the Cause.

We plan to make the 420 Movement PH festival an annual event, to push our advocacy for access to medical marijuana, and to celebrate the beauty of life and this planet.

Join us!

Early Bird Tickets are NOW AVAILABLE!

For Bookings on the Villa,
CONTACT: 09687997134

Early Bird Tickets: 420 Php

Regular Ticket Price: 650 Php

List of Band Performances:

Agaw Agimat, The Chongkeys, Piranha, Orb of Blood, Jah Dela Cruz, Slowdough, The Buzzer Beaters, Godzilla Vs. Tokyo, The Republicats, The Spiral Rule, Selectas – Red I & Soul Steppa + Awesome Local Reggae Band from Zambales.

Simple steps to buy your early bird ticket to the 420MPH Festival.
1. Visit 420movementph.com – – > Click BUY YOUR TICKET NOW.
2. Click ADD TO CART.
4. Enter your details. Make sure the email address is correct, the ticket will be sent thru it.
6. Send your GCASH PAYMENT (see instructions)
Only after we received and verified your payment shall we send your tickets thru your email. Payments not made within 1 hour will be canceled. You may need to place an order again.
Only 1 ticket per transaction, but you can order as many as you need. Just repeat the above process.
You may send payment details screenshots to our FB page.
For questions feel free to contact us. See you at the festival.

History happens at El Zamba Villas beach front, San Felipe, Zambales. EARLY BIRD TICKETS for the first 100 attendees Now Available! Click the link for bookings:


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