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“Showrooms are irrelevant today. Technically, the showroom has turned into a social media and online selling studio. It is no longer needed to sell a car to any consumer, anywhere in the world. What’s important, is financing. Today, people BUY [anything] where they can ‘pay’ or be approved for financing.”

–Kareem Jackson, CEO, KA&CO & US Executive Publisher, PH Mag International

Buying a car in today’s digital, drop-ship, data-driven, beta world is really confusing.

Information is not consistent. Sometimes people say, “…go get a loan to boost your credit limit/score…” and others say, “No! Pay in full, in cash, to avoid interests.”

5 Things You Should Know Before Buying A Car –Especially Your First Car.

1. Know Your Budget –And, Stick To It! You knowing your budget will save you so much time; because you don’t have to waste time, and tease yourself, looking at other cars that are not in your budget. 

“Filtering” is almost automatic in today’s data-driven lifestyle. The key is to stick to your budget. Another thing is to make sure that the GAS, maintenance, INSURANCE, parking, and barker’s (parking assistants) tips as well. While some expenses no longer exist when you get a car, others appear. 

2. Get Pre-Approved. Though many people [older generations] believe ‘cash is King’ and that paying cash, and subsequently avoiding interest, is ‘smart’ or diligent; many of us do not have the cash.  So, why suffer in a crappy, old, high-risk car? 

The truth is that a loan doesn’t cost you more. 

However, cash can ‘save’ you money.

But, credit allows you to pre-qualify for a lower price, a lower payment, and an upgraded vehicle. 

In addition, if you are a family, an entrepreneur, a business owner, or a student, having ‘the cash’ in your bank, or invested, can earn you many more times the amount you will pay in interest. Also, in some countries, and for some people, ‘interest’ is tax deductible…so, paying with cash is not smart at all.

“…we encourage people to get ‘pre-approved’ ahead of time. Many buy a car under-budget. Getting a pre-approved auto loan can save them as much as 40% off the listed price, which lowers their monthly payment, and may even help them buy a better car than they imagined, at a lower price than they expected!” –Paul Stanley Atienza, Executive Sales Manager, JAVA Auto Motor Ventures OPC.

Having a pre-approved auto loan (from either a dealer, a financier, or a bank); before shopping on –or off-line, and well before going to the car dealer gives you an advantage with the negotiations.

You will be negotiating ‘with cash’ virtually. Since you are already ‘pre-approved’ the seller needs to make u the best deal.

3. Hidden Fees. Take time to know any hidden fees, and make sure that as many (if not all), ‘=’ cost/fees/taxes/insurance, and even gas to drive home is included and/or ‘free’ with your deal –if you need it to be.

Other hidden fees to check ahead of time are amortization, interest, warranties, battery, tune-up, oil changes, tires, taxes, tolls, parking, and registration. 

*Make sure to discuss any/and all other expenses with your car dealer. It is nice to be able to talk to an expert, someone you can trust and who can understand your unique situation.  

Here is a referral: Paul

  • Stanley Atienza,
  • Contact: (Globe) 0995.523.2908 (Smart/Viber) 0939.446.6394
  • FB: Paul Stanley Atienza

4. Be Informed. Know what the cars are worth, by comparing dozens and dozens of the same, and similar cars, with comparable models. Reliability and Durability are a must (especially if you drive a long distance to work or school daily, or if you will be using the car as a driver) when it comes to buying a car. 

Your safety is more important than any car, you may think you ‘love’ but may have high miles, bad reviews, and expensive maintenance. A faulty car, which breaks down frequently can ruin you. 

5. Budget For Gas! Perhaps a decade or more ago, this was not a big deal, however, today, the prices of gas are more than double what they were when your parents, and grandparents bought their cars.  

Nothing is more frustrating than having a car, and not being able to afford to drive it.

Know the gas prices, and calculate the mileage needed for your home/work. Also remember, there are different types of fuel; Regular (not often available anymore), Diesel, Mid-Grade, and Premium, which all have different rates. 

*A trick is to make sure your car gas tank is ‘full’ when you buy it, then watch how long it last. Can you make it around town, or on the highway, and notice with the air-conditioning on/off, highway vs. street driving, all have different consumption mileage.

Bonus 6. No Interest. A little trick some dealers do is to overprice their cars, and then, charge massive interest on top of that. Mark-up and Interest are 2 of the most abused ‘hidden costs’ that take advantage of new and un-savvy buyers.

*Groups like our friends over at, Java Auto Motors Ventures OPC [contact above in #3] operate on a different, more customer-focused, long-term philosophy. Java Auto aims to be a real partner with their clients, and have automotive trading programs.  They also usually offer ‘no interest’ auto loans when in-house, as well as, offer the best deals on their units.

Are you looking for a new car? Do you need financing? Let us know. 

Happy Car Shopping!

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