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essie James
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and charming English-speaking culture,
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pitality and booming economy make
make the Philippines one of the best
inherently raises the industry standards
it one of the most relaxing, yet excit-
beauty destinations. In addition, the Phil-
well above many other destinations.
ing places on earth ­and the perfect
ippines is home to world-class cosmetic
place for a Body & Soul Makeover.
and surgery experts like, Dr. Jesus S. Reca-
Whatever brings you to the islands, I
sata, Dr. Esther Tan and Dr. Susan Lopez-
would like to extend a warm welcome to
If you are one of the millions who travel
Caspit. When you combine that with the
you. I am sure that you will have a wonder-
to the Philippines for beauty enhance-
country's breathe taking beaches, like
ful time in this beautiful country of ours,
ment, thank you. You have helped to
the white sands in Boracay and its amaz-
and may you leave rested and inspired.
make the Philippines into one of the
ing resorts like, Hidden Valley Springs
You may even decide to stay for a while.
fasted emerging markets in Asia. The
in Bohol and Abaca Resort in Cebu, plus
economy here is invigorating: Indus-
the affordable diverse-lifestyle, it's easy
tries like real estate, tourism, busi-
to see why it's becoming so popular for
ness-process management, and now
`beauty seekers' from around the world.
beauty are gaining global recognition.
In addition, clients of the Philippines
It is amazing, not only are Filipino's
Medical Tourism Industry have the ad-
Jessie James is a celebrity Beauty Consultant, Medical Aesthetician, actress, model, philanthropist and a PH Mag Cover Girl. In addition she is also, Managing Director of Beyond Beauty
International, as well as the spokesperson for Glamour for Cause Foundation. She has offices in Australia and the Philippines. You may contact Jessie for insights and advice anytime: