with Leslie zimmerman
3 Tools to
Your Success Plan
for your plan that you can continue
to fine tune until you have reached
your goal. And you will reach your
goal just be ready when you do!
what is your
style? likeability
In my last article, "From Here to
There," we looked at 5 Steps to Corpo-
rate Success:
Eye contact
Verbal Directness
Non-verbal Directness
when she asked her boss for the meeting
Tone of voice is also a powerful form of
Individuality risking "face" and
and mentioned the topic of her review and
communication, especially in American
lack of raise, Gemma's boss responded with
business. In our example above, Gemma
surprise that Gemma hadn't received a bet-
used as non-emotional and as professional
These five elements are the tools that make
ter review and raise it turns out Gemma's
a tone of voice a she could and that formal-
up your communication style. Allow me to
boss was not the one directly evaluating
ized her concern right there and then and
tell you story about communication style:
Gemma. Her boss agreed right there on
helped her boss understand her immedi-
someone, we'll call her Gemma, had a great
the spot, without an official meeting that
ately without needing a meeting. Our
job with a boss who was and is a well- re-
Gemma would get the raise! Gemma's plan
voices, and not just what we're saying, ex-
spected woman in her industry. When her
was excellent, but she didn't need an offi-
press emotion whether we know it or not
review came out, Gemma was upset to find
cial meeting after all. She has learned that
and we must be aware that our communi-
out that her review was not glowing and
her future is decided every time she speaks
cation style will play a huge part in our"like-
therefore she did not receive an expected
up, asks a question, and plans an important
ability." If your nature is to be passive, even
raise. Rather than brooding and descend-
in tone of voice, be careful if you're doing
ing into resentment, Gemma planned a
business with Westerners! Passivity is inter-
meeting with her boss to discuss this, but
preted as weakness and even lack of caring.