Feelthe Excitement!
As one of the world's fastest emerging mega markets, we are positive that you will find all of the excitement, charm
and opportunities that you've imagined. You can shop in over 10million square feet of fabulous retail space; from
Versace, to Bench and even Levi's. Plus, you'll never go hungry with over 5 million restaurants, bars and private
Chef's serving world-class cuisine. We recommend that you take some time visit the beautiful Global City and while
you're there savor Chef Roland and Jackie Laudico's BISTRO FILIPINO, then in Pampanga, the dynamic duo, Celebrity
Chef's Sau Del Rosario and Jam Melchor at VILLA Café make an amazing Kapampangan Pizza. But, when you're in
the mood for Motown and Soul Food, American basketball mega star, Dennis Rodman's Father Philander, owns Rod-
man's Rainbow Obama Burger in Angeles City. Who knew?
Find yourself, Home Sweet Home in any of over 22 million bungalows, hotel rooms, resorts and mansions like Colin
and Emi Richards'Carasuchi VILLA Garden, the luxurious Trump Tower Manila, to a more quaint boutique resort like
Bellarocca Island and even the trendy GO Hotels all dedicated to offering the best experience possible to nearly 2
million people like you every year.
If you're seeking the tourist experience, Carlos Celdran's Emelda Marcos Tour is amazing and Hidden Valley Springs
will take your breather away. But then, for an inspiring experience where business opportunity is what you seek,
there are over 20 million entrepreneurs here, we boast the world's #1 Call Center Industry and our burgeoning
middle-class of more than 10 million vibrant and aggressive professionals keep our city alive 24-hours a day, 7-days
a week and 365-days a year.
We're known as the world's most hospitable culture, you'll receive a warm welcome wherever you go and you can
feel at home with over 102 million resident concierges willing to show you all of the wonders that make the Philip-
pines great.
We would like to introduce you to your United States Ambassador to the Philippines, Mr. Harry K. Thomas, Jr.
Ambassador Thomas has been in Foreign Service nearly 30 years. We've enjoyed him from Bangladesh, to New
Delhi, India and Harare, Zimbabwe; Kaduna and even in Nigeria and Lima, Peru. A true citizen of the world, Ambas-
sador Thomas speaks Spanish, Hindi, Bangla and now is learning Filipino. Please visit Harry at the US Embassy in
to the New
Manila or at http://manila.usembassy.gov.
The Philippines Magazine was created as a showcase for our globally influenced but distinct passions and oppor-
of the
tunities ­including style, beauty, music, art, travel, real estate, food and lifestyle. We hope to foster pride in our
traditional heritage but also to define a new Philippine Era ­by chronicling our accomplishments as an emerging
creative, social and economic power.
In actuality, you are a trailblazer, at the heart of a rebirth ­a bold, vibrant and invigorating time in modern Philippine
culture. Whether this magazine has found its way into your hands in the Aquino International Airport in Manila
upon your arrival, from your travel agent, the US Embassy or from your brother, we thank you for taking the time to
open its Cover to see what's inside. We hope that you will enjoy the exotic beauty, the fertile ground for consumer
opportunities and will celebrate the success of the Philippines with us.