Philippines TOP 10
IT Management Trends
require their tech hires and partners to
operations will need to be adopt-
add true value to the business model.
ed by companies who intend to
Management demands will rise,
but the talent pool will be shal-
grow their client base.
The customer is always right. Aren't
In the Philippines, where the GNP grows
they? Well, as the competition in the
young and hip IT guru will be the
commodity, as the older, class-
room educated IT professionals fall be-
about 10% annually: and existing com-
Philippines grows, as will the expecta-
panies like Hooters America/Asia, make
tions of the consumers.
plans to launch multiple locations in the
companies who plan to succeed in this
Bill Gates rocked the world with his
Philippines over the next few years. The
new market will need to flow with their
technology and innovations, but what
need for Information Professionals will
clients. The acceptance of mass-mar-
he actually did was abolish the myth
rise, but the enrollment of qualified and
ket communication, the `Gate Keepers'
that age matters in technology. While in
passionate IT Professionals at universi-
and barriers imposed on customers will
college ­which he eventually dropped-
ties is lower than the expected demand.
be a turn-off.
out of- he launched his QDOS System
on the world. Not many know, that
the system (Quick and Dirty Operating
The development and imple-
mentation of collaborative sys-
tems and software solutions will
System) was a solution for a larger and
Companies are realizing that IT is a busi-
much older tech company. As a `kid'
be essential to companies hoping to
ness, and their websites, technology
Bill Gates was just faster to the market
and information is just as valuable as
their brick-and-mortar locations. Many
In a country like the Philippines, where
enterprises are finding that their tech-
many innovations and customers are
nology has doubled their sales, and cut
`imported' from abroad, and operations
their costs of delivery in half.
teams can be many miles apart, the
vy IT professionals will replace the
old-school managers.
need for real-time connectivity is high.
As tech professionals become more
The ability to share data between, cus-
entrenched with the `business,' their
tomers, Sales, Distribution, Collections
and Management in real-time will be the
grow in value as intellectual prop-
erty values soar.
need to know the market will be re-
quired. Consumers buy from who they
difference between success and failure.
As the `Tech Guy' turns into the IT Man-
trust and who makes it easy and con-
ager and then, into the CIO, his value
Therefore, businesses with
to the company grows exponentially
customer-focused technology solutions
as well. Who else knows the plan, the
and staff will do much better than those
Entirely new customers will
abound for companies who are
system, and the execution? How do
who do not.
we place a value on it? Many compa-
If we look at the hotel and hospitality in-
nies lose their data, websites and ac-
dustry as a case study: the effects of
cess when they lose -or ditch- their IT
good technology used effectively are
obvious. When 50% of your customers
fessionals with proven-suc-
cess, published works and a
verifiable track record.
compare you with the competition, then
book or `buy' on-line, pay in advance
It use-to be that you'd go to college to
and even rate their experiences on-line,
you see the value of technology and the
quired to show a scalable, quantifi-
able plan which can be effectively
gain your tech education and degree,
measured to determine the advantages
and then, you would get a job to ap-
professionals who develop and manage
to the businesses overall success.
ply it into the real world. Now, with 4th
it for you. Soon, most PH-based busi-
graders using IPads and learning how
nesses will need the same enhance-
It use-to-be that an IT Manager or CIO
to set-up a desktop, companies expect
ments to their technology base.
was hired based from their school of
a more hands-on, established and suc-
study and/or their family referral, but,
cessful `new hire' when they recruit.
now that systems and websites need
to `work' not just exist, companies will