background needed to succeed in the Information
and Data Industry will automatically do the same.
by Joselito "Joel" Tiongson
Innovation, will be the driving force, it will be what
the new market demands from the entrepreneurs
who's businesses they choose to patron.
Companies in the Philippines, are looking for IT
professionals who can connect and automate their
success of the United
States Data Industry
businesses. No longer is the `Tech Guy' down-
and it revealed many
stairs in some cramped, dingy, tiny office, now, he's
(or she's) the IT Manager, the CIO, a Partner, and
parallels to the new Philippines.
works directly with the CEO to execute the vision
As our economy moves forward,
and reach the goals of the company. Entrepre-
neurs and corporate executives are realizing that
new opportunities will continue to
the right IT Manager and/or CIO can actually rede-
emerge. Igniting an entrepreneurial
fine and scale their business. Just as US-based
renaissance here in the Philippines.
companies and small businesses began to realize
in the late 90's, many companies in the Philippines
are realizing that their websites, IT developments
and on-line customers are an entirely new business
to add to their portfolios. They enjoy, previously,
unrealized revenue streams, new consumer mar-
kets and a more informed customer base.
Economies,' often images of sharp execu-
tives, visionary entrepreneurs and the millions
of goober-consumers who will make it all
happen come to mind. But, not many people see
"If you are not moving forward, then you're
the behind-the-scenes, ever-expanding systems
moving backwards."
and virtual infrastructures that are required to keep
it all moving along smoothly.
The Philippine Renaissance, will undoubtedly de-
mand millions of IT professionals, suppliers and in-
novators. With millions ­and millions- of new and
expanding businesses in the Philippines, there is
an obvious surge in the demand for everything from
graphics designers, to website developers and
systems developers. And, it won't be very long
before the trickle of `international demand' for Phil-
ippines-based talent turns into a monsoon, flooding
the country with 3-times the business from foreign
entrepreneurs and companies looking for more val-
ue for their dollar, yen, euro, pound or franc.
The years ahead will present either rewards or chal-
lenges for many CIOs in the Philippines. As, the
economy advances and expands, the talents and