Philippine Lifes
into a billionaire, Bill Gates made his fortune, even though
he was a college dropout at the time, Walt Disney was a
starving artist much of his life and former US President
Bill Clinton lived in a trailer park while serving in the US
Economic opportunities proliferate from emerging econo-
mies; and that is where the United States sees the Philip-
T pineculturerightnow.MuchastheUnitedStateswasin
the 40's, 50's and 60's, when millions of blacks, women and
`the poor' were suddenly thrust into the economic equa-
Today, in the Philippines the game has changed. The rules
he Philippines is Asia's `Melting Pot.' As the coun-
of yesterday no longer apply to this new generation of
try's economy continues to BOOM, it attracts peo-
bright-eyed, ambitious Filipinos. Barriers of skin tone,
ple from all around the world who desire to travel to, live
family name, pedigree, formal education and capital are
and invest the new mega economy. Millions of Americans,
slowly proving to be of little ­to no- consequence in the
Europeans and Australians call the Philippines home now,
new Philippine economy.
with them, they bring millions of jobs and an emerging
new lifestyle and sub-culture.
The Philippines has an emerging new lower and middle-
class society of micro-entrepreneurs and working-class
Inherently, American's are enterprising capitalist and be-
people who will change the country forever, and move
lieve in bolstering economies wherever they go. Since
it forward as a global market. Just as in American his-
the `Gold Rush' and the subsequent Industrial Revolution,
tory, when the tables were turned, and the masses (or
American culture has built huge civilizations from simple
Masa) brought rise to ventures like Johnson and Johnson,
beginnings. Thus, the `self-made' person is revered as the
Walmart, Levi's Strauss & Company, Hilton Hotel's, Flamin-
celebrity in new American society. Oprah Winfrey came
go Casino, Mc Donald's, American Airlines, Kentucky Fried
from a post slavery impoverished family, and built herself
Chicken, Dollar General and Ford Motor Company.