Philippines Safety Survey
The Philippines Ranks amongst the safest and friendliest nations for
American's to live ­and do business.
In a recent study, Americans, Canadians and Australians
The differentiating factor has recently been the basis for
ranked the Philippines as one of the world's safest and
the Philippines ranking as one of the safest and friend-
most friendly nations in the 3rd world for them to live
liest places for foreigners to live and do business. The
and do business. Contrary to mass-media propaganda
safety issue is reinforced by the `security' foreigners feel in
and FilAms living abroad -which speak against the Phil-
the Philippines, since it is the world's 3rd largest English
ippines- actual foreign residents and investors ­such as
speaking country; unlike neighboring Guam and China
Donald Trump, US Ambassador Harry Thomas and PH Mag
where English speaking locals (including police) are rare.
Executive Publisher, Kareem Antonio-Jackson tell a differ-
Therefore, in times of need, the language barrier hinders
ent story.
help and in many cases especially in China, foreigners are
not as welcomed into the society.
For many years, Balikbayan's in the States and the mass
media (Filipino's living abroad) have portrayed the Philip-
Even in terms of white collar crimes that business own-
pines as an unsafe and poor place to visit and live. Howev-
ers fear falling victim to; such as embezzlement, fraud
er, the facts are that, in comparison, the Philippines is one
and misappropriation of funds placed by investors. The
of the safest places to live ­especially when you compare
Philippines has proven to be an honest, hardworking, God
the country to others in the 3rd world.
fearing country. Many current Philippine-based investors
speak of their amazement, at the honesty and hospitality
In actuality, comparing the Philippines `crime' rate to the
of the people.
United States or Europe is a little unfair, since in Asia, a
`serious crime' is the snatching of a cell phone or a coin
Of course, the rumors of `corruption' are very true even
purse. Whereas, in the States, where even marijuana is le-
today. However, they steam from politicians and city offi-
gal in many cities, those types of crimes are considered
cials, and tend to only plaque the locals. The `petty crimes'
menial and go unreported. More significant crimes such
are not as frequent as one would think in a country with
as muggings, hate crimes, murder or man slaughter are
over 100 million residents, and are usually due to poor liv-
the crimes that the US Census Bureau reports speak of.
ing conditions and desperation, and not a reflection of the