as a Filipino
The Publishers of The Philippines Magazine International conducted not one, but two undercover Philippines lifestyle emersion cam-
paigns. Both were extraordinary, both took our Executive Publisher from poolside at the Shangri La and popping bottles of Dom Perignon
at the Manila Hotel, to deep and Hidden Valley's in the jungles of Bohol, across thousands of miles of ocean to both remote and private
islands throughout the Philippines ­but only one was life changing.
running hot water wasn't available after his first week in
But, after our premier in Los Angeles, California, USA, the
Manila when he would check out of his swank hotel near
question our American friends and readers were always
Manila Bay, with its CR (in-home bathroom).
asking us was, "What is the Philippines like...really like?"
HE GOAL was to test the safety, hospitality and pure
Then, they would ask, "Is it safe? Are there opportunities
ingenuity of the Philippine lifestyle. Also, to gather
With just $800.00US cash -the average Filipino monthly
there? What would I do every day? I'm not retired yet...
the insight and survey data from 1,000's of locals that
salary- our leading publisher had to acquire an apartment,
so, how would I live? Can I find true-love there?" So, we
would be needed to complete this Issue of PH MAG Int'l.
use public transportation, eat the local food -and bever-
decided to find out.
Our Executive Publisher, spent most of his time on the
ages, meet and build relationships with the `locals' and still
first tour; Rediscover Paradise, living a `bonga' fabulous
continue his work ­for just $125.00 a week.
To make the emersion experience as real as possible, the
lifestyle, in cute apartments in Wack Wack, and being
actually emersion had to begin before Kareem ever even
whisk from fabulous resort, to even more-fabulous re-
Every tourist, expat, local celebrity or semi-wealthy Fili-
bought his ticket. Before he even knew where he would
pino knows that the Philippines Islands are a beautiful
stay, who would be his friends and what he would do while
and exciting place. If you've got the money ­and most
there in the Philippines. Living life as an average Filipino
However, on his second tour, things changed: Kareem
importantly- the time, you could spend a lifetime at Trump
was more than a mere title of an article. To truly live like
landed in Manila to begin his `Welcome Tour' late on
Towers Manila, sipping coconut juice on white sand beach-
the average Filipino, he would have to `be' an average Fili-
a Friday night: stripped of his formal host, his drivers,
es in Boracay while enjoying your live-in, personal mas-
pino ­as much as possible of course. After all, our Execu-
car, credit cards, his Blackberry -with global Sprint or
seuse and chartering private jets out of Pasay City to visit
tive Publisher is 6 foot 3 inches tall, a black American and
Verizon Unlimited Wireless and Data packages- even
friends in Cebu. There are more than 1,000 travel, tourism
isn't known to be passive ­in the least. Therefore, begin-
and one-sighted-lifestyle magazines which show you the
ning 6-months before his actual trip, Kareem began his
perfect beach resorts, the best cuisines and the most ex-
clusive place to buy your ultra-fabulous penthouse condo.