Often paying more per hour than a fulltime job in the same
field does, employees will be scampering to get on `The List'
of temps.
6 RealEstate
wealth, prosperity, second and first world. As businesses grow and the market expands,
the demand will be for marketing firms which can deliver in a culturally-diverse market-
place. A market place where the value is in this mass market or the `Masa' rather than
This is an obvious boom. With over 2 million new apartments, suites, and penthouses added to
the elite few, and where skin shade is irrelevant to true-success. Another niche will be for
the Manila sky alone, you would think that it was in consumer or personal real estate develop-
firms able to move the country forward on a global-scale; thus attracting internationals
ment ­but it isn't. Trends show that the coming surge ­especially for foreign investment- will
to the country.
be in the companies that service this industry. Millionaires will be made in sales, marketing,
design, furnishings and leasing (lawyers again). Providers of simple ­but necessary- products
such as toilets, fixtures, tile, art and drapery will make millions as these towers rise and are
sold ­and rented or leased- to new residents that undoubtedly will need to "finish out" and
furnish the dwellings.
Often confused with marketing: advertising is the next frontier in any emerging econo-
my. With skylines that resemble New York and Hong Kong, the Philippines is jam-packed
with thousands of bill boards, video boards, and roving banner trucks. Advertising eve-
Head Hunters
rything from Bench underwear, bleaching creams and job opportunities ­but one thing
& Employment Services
you don't see is "Rent This Billboard." Advertising is `sold out' everywhere. The growth will
be in niche market advertising, such as `free magazines' and `special interest' magazines
Some reports state that there are over 150,000 Call Center jobs that have not been filled due to
which are able to successfully reach the working classes ­with ads which relate to them.
the shortage of `qualified candidates' in the hiring pool. With 102 million people, one the high-
Another unique aspect to the Philippines is that many people are `scaling' their lifestyles.
est literacy rates in the world and millions of unemployed people, that can't be entirely true.
They're buying their first homes, their first cars, their first business suits and they're us-
ing many high-end products and services for their first time. So, advertising will be the
Curious, we spoke to a few of the `big boy's' in the Philippines business world. From designers,
key, as these Nuevo-riche (NR) consumers forge new lifestyles for themselves and their
to doctors and Call Center managers, they all expressed a lack of `access' to these qualified
workers. The opportunity is in the training, coaching and networking of workers: ranging from
recruitment of Chief Executives, to Mid-Level Managers and Office Managers. Especially, those
`Head Hunters' who can recruit and place Americans which seek to live in the Philippines.
Searching for skill sets that may not be taught is a classroom; businesses will turn to `recruiters'
& Limousine Services
that can lure these high-demand team members onboard.
Almost non-existent in the Philippines today. The trend has already started within the
high-end resort and hotel industry. That trend however, is within the boutique resorts
Marketing Firms
and small hotels that cater to foreigners which could easily include the cost of helicopter
and jet rentals, chauffeur-driven airport pickups, mall excursions and tours in the cost
Currently, the climate in the Philippines is pro-entrepreneurship and anti-nepotism. Therefore,
of their lodging. As "independent operators" these progressive entrepreneurs will enjoy
it's transitioning away from consumer products and into investment products. The People are
a high demand for their services, premium pricing, an A-List of clients and the prestige
the life blood of this new economy, just as `people power' liberated the Philippines; it's the
of being a `chauffer.' Just as with the massive taxi cab and jeepney industry here in the
people that will guide this mega economy into
country, the rewards will out-weigh the risk. Traffic, which will make being on time nearly
impossible, is at the top of the list of downsides. Other risk: detail-oriented maintenance
of high-end automobiles, uniform standards and driver training.
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