Our Investor's TOP 10
Emerging Industries & Trends
SUCCESS IS HERE for the Philippines.
The industries that will drive this new
economy aren't Call Centers, Mega Re-
tail or High Fashion -per say. It's entre-
preneurship. Already home to over 20
million self-made entrepreneurs, being
`self-employed' is a right-of-passage
in the Philippines. Within the grow-
ing middle-class, the lure is not to be
discover the world of opportunities out
ple through these new waters will be high.
a millionaire- it's to be successful at
whatever you do. For families living in
Tax Preparers
there ­and subsequently, the world has
If just to read, explain and communicate
also discovered the Philippines. Entre-
on their client's behalf, lawyers who know
poverty, a simple business opportunity
& CPA's
preneurs that can motivate, inspire and
American business ­and style- will be the
which can bring-in just a few hundred
educate the masses on topics that aren't
winners in the new economy. Then, there's
dollars a month can be life changing.
Much like The Bloch brothers (often
taught in school will thrive in this new
the reverse, where Americans want a `rep-
called Block) who launched H&R Block in
economy hungry for success.
resentative' or liason to do their deals
a tiny little office with just $5,000 bor-
here `on the ground'. The benefit to the
rowed from friends ; now, the Ameri-
firm (and the paralegal) is that, for Ameri-
can tax preparation giant that has more
cans, these sorts of deals are more about
`agents' than the IRS and over 20 million
appearance, communication skills and
Though the term `loan sharks' in the
charm. One won't actually be required to
States (and PH Bumbay) is plagued with
have a law degree ­just the `access' to one
During the big boom in employment and
visions of gangsters and harsh Union
if needed. So success will come to those
entrepreneurship, Henry Bloch (with-
leaders, the working class `payday loan
firms which can market themselves as
in sight from a customer, John White)
industry' is a very respected and regu-
`Entrepreneurial Services Firms' and that
saw the demanding trend for personal
lated sector today. As employment be-
have sharp, hot-shot paralegals on their
and small business tax preparation in
comes more stable and as entrepreneurs
team; or to individuals (probably expats)
America. Here in the islands, we are at
begin to scale their businesses, the de-
that can `get things done' and which have
that unique point. Where millions, and
mand for structured `micro-financing'
good marketing. From simple things as
millions of people have begun working
will grow.
site-checks, payment services and proof-
and launching their own small home-
of-receipt to more complicated things like
based businesses in the past decade.
International Investors will be attracted
joint ventures and limited partnerships.
Americans and other foreign business
to the high returns (ROI) due to premium
people have set-up stakes here as well;
repayment cost customers are willing ­
and this unique market is very use-to
and able to pay. Even with the 43 to 1
paying up to 30% of their income to
inherit advantage the value of the dollar
& Services
taxes quarterly. The Philippines govern-
brings, the risk will be high. However, no
ment ­specifically the tax departments
different than in the United States where
The traditional `Temp- Agency' is what
are getting to be very stable, organized
collections are limited to garnishments,
fueled the Woman's Liberation in America.
and honest, changing the climate of the
liens and judgments that have no guar-
Then, `temp staffing agencies' were the
entire republic and instilling confidence
antee of future collection. Lenders were
life blood for many American's throughout
to taxpayers.
initially able to charge `paying custom-
the 80's and early 90's when housewives,
ers' up to 300% interest (to off-set the
single mothers, transitional workers and
losses of delinquent customers) and of-
even American war veteran's just needed
Business Development
ten used harassing collection practices.
`a little extra cash' for the holidays, the
Consultants & Educators
Recently regulated in America, the in-
bills, and so on.
dustry is actually become more profes-
Much like America's `International Busi-
sional, re-payments ratios are higher and
The demand in the Philippines will come
ness' related courses, seminars, empow-
a new market of `highly qualified' cus-
from small and mid-sized business owners
erment, self-help and speaking series
tomers use it as a `bridge loan' for auto
who will need temporary `skilled labor' to
boomed throughout the 70's, 80's and
repairs, taxes, vacations and as business
handle their sporadic growth. As well as,
90's. The rise in demand created moguls
start-up cash.
in the domestic staffing industry : nanny's,
such as Donald Trump and his father be-
bartenders, host, wait staff and livery ser-
fore him, Bill Gates and Paul Allen, The
vices (chauffeurs and drivers) needed to
Walmart Family, IBM, Western Union and
help expats here for temporary business,
a million more you've never even heard
relocation and Philippines-based busi-
of because they stay out of the lime-
nesses which will entertain/host these
light. The Philippines is at that same in-
The value of an Esquire to navigate the
expats during their stay in the country.
flection point. That moment when you
public, entrepreneurs and business peo-