$500 BILLION AT 500
The BOOM! Our prediction: In 10 years, the Philippines turns 500 years old ­on March 16,
2021- and that same year Filipinos will exceed $500 billion in revenues and the number of
American residents will grow to over 500,000 as well.
Arnel Pineda are showing that you no
longer need to be pale-skinned, from
a wealthy family or in politics to make
lready on the World's Top 30
it BIG in the Philippines today. Integ-
List for GDP/GNP, beating out Hong
rity, hard work and/or ambition are
Kong, Vietnam, Mexico, Japan and
finally paying off. We aren't sure what
even the United States. This huge
is most impressive, the fact that de-
transfer of wealth is evidenced by a
spite all of the conflicts and turmoil,
surge of more than 8 million new jobs
the Philippines is still moving forward
for Filipino workers, nearly a dozen
and upward. Or, that after decades of
new self-made billionaires and scores
massive corruption and separatism,
of new self-made millionaires. In true
its economy is booming. Either way,
Filipino-style, ranked by `true assets',
Filipinos are a big market to be reck-
the `wealthiest' Filipino's aren't rolling
oned with. The Philippines consist of
around in gas-guzzling SUV's, living
7,107 islands, a mind-boggling 115
in posh condominiums and spend-
million residents and tourist, who
ing their wealth away in mega malls
contribute over $400 billion to the
like in most countries. Nor are they
global economy each and every year
the off-spring of yester-years wealthy
­and growing.
politicians and trust-fund babies. The
Filipino Self-Made millionaire might
Now, despite what the skeptics and
be right next door, you've probably
cronies of `the status quo' have been
passed by him working in his rice
predicting, the Philippines has rebuilt
fields, or even dismissed him with his
itself into a global Mega Market. It's
sun-darkened skin from working as
proven to be the underdog in a world
a street paver. Little may you know;
plagued with recession and crashing
with millions and millions of hectors
markets. As the Republic of the Phil-
of new roads, highways and bridges
ippines approaches its 500 year mark,
all over the islands, that guy ­or lady-
in Our Investors Top 10 Emerging In-
might be able to buy you 10-times
dustries & Trends, we take a look back
over ­with cash.
into the past, as well as at the present
economy and predict what's ahead
That being said, in this new era of
for investors in one of the world fast-
the Philippines, rags-to-riches stories
est growing economies.
take on a new meaning. New found
Icons like Manny Pacquio, Charice and