Photographer: Jun Lopez | Samanta Carbonell's Red Carpet Events
launching countless ad campaigns
markets (called the Masa). The view
global appeal and is attracting more
and websites, showcasing a select
of the salesmen and women, Pedi-cab
and more foreigner's not to merely
few. The PH DOT would promote ex-
drivers, street side cooks and other
visit, but to move to the country. Of
clusive, high-end resorts and unique
`micro-entrepreneurs' is jaded. That
course, the high value of the US Dol-
destinations; that tactic has worked
will change as the country prepares
lar is an obvious factor, but, Ameri-
for the past decade or so, and made
to benefit from the AmPat commu-
can's speak just as fondly of the Fili-
such destinations as Boracay over
nity. To Americans: a country which
pino people and the simplicity of the
saturated and full of tourist. Their
celebrates the underdog, where bil-
lifestyle. The Philippines renaissance
new and extremely popular slogan
lionaire Oprah Winfrey, was expected
is attracting more than the retirees,
"It's more fun in the Philippines" is an
by her family to be a housemaid, as
the economic boom is attracting
extension of that same focus: fun and
her mother and grandmother were, or
young professionals to also migrate
Ray Kroc, a former door-to-door sales-
to the islands.
man, who pioneered the franchise in-
However now, the desire of this
dustry with Mc Donald's, the power
In the coming years, the number of
emerging demographic is not on fun
an profitability lies in the people.
Americans living in the PH expected
times, but on success and lifestyle.
to reach 500,000
These growing numbers of AmPats
The trend can be witnessed by look-
are aggressively carving their own
ing at the Philippine-based success
The New Philippine Lifestyle attracts
niche in the Philippine economy. In
of mega brands like Mc Donald's and
more than 2 million expats from
addition, unlike their Balikbayan
7/11 who cater directly to, and em-
around the world every year. The av-
(Filipinos living in and traveling from
ploy the Masa, and whose business
erage AMPAT (American PH Resident)
abroad) counterparts, AmPats are
models have made regular Filipino's
spends P1.2 Million annually on living
known for `spreading the good news'
mega rich. American-residents in the
expenses ­in addition to their invest-
and attracting others to follow them
Philippines are expected to double,
ments. AMPATS optimistic view and
to the `promise land' of new endeav-
from some 350,000 now, to more than
positive perspective is also the na-
ors. The focus for them is not on fun
500,000 over the next few years. As
tions #1 ally in attracting US brands
and white sand adventure, but on
more American business people in
and tourist. Philippine-based busi-
emerging markets and capital gains
the Philippines recruit other Ameri-
nesses scamper to ramp-up their mar-
-while living in paradise is a bonus.
can's to come, work and invest in the
keting campaigns and service stand-
Philippines; do to the lack of talent
ards to meet the demands of this
The need now, is for the information,
in the local employee pool. In addi-
emerging new and inherently wealthy
infrastructure and education of the
tion, over a million young FilAms are
consumer market
Filipino working-class to include busi-
expected to `search their roots' and
ness development. Historically, the
visit their homeland ­and many will
In the past, the PH Department of
Philippines has not been supportive
decide to stay.
Tourism has put all of their efforts
of the millions and millions of `start-
and funds into tourism development;
up entrepreneurs' or the main-stream