Early Signs of Success. Vast Potential.
The publisher, the editors, our advertisers, our staff and our read-
of 2013. We intend to show the world what they're missing. We take
ers, love the Philippines! We love the culture, the history, the
an eye-opening and admittedly biased look at three consistent values
land and its beauty and most of all, we love the people. We be-
which seem to be contributing to the re-emergence of "The New Philip-
lieve in the optimism, the perseverance and the Pinoy Pride. We
pines" success:
believe in all things Pinoy!
· Unity
With that, in this Issue, we have compiled some never before
· Pride
seen data that we hope will settle questions ­once and for all- of
· Visibility
whether or not the Philippines is the world's fastest emerging
mega market, with opportunities for all those willing to make
Ours is a Unity of purpose. We hope that Americans, FilAms, local Fili-
a go of it.. We blow the door open to the massive opportunities
pinos and indeed, tourists and business people from around the world
the Philippines has to offer; from real estate, to business invest-
will begin to acknowledge and appreciate the intrinsic value of travel-
ments and jobs. We've showcased trailblazers, Filipino Icons, for-
ling to, living in, investing in, and doing business with The Philippines.
eign nationals and the bold entrepreneurs redefining The New
We make a special pitch to Filipino pride throughout the world. We en-
Philippines. With each page, you'll be enlightened, inspired and
courage Balikbayan in their own way to contribute to the continued
empowered to take another look at the New Philippines.
visibility and success of "The New Philippines."
With this Issue, we highlight small business entrepreneurs, glob-
We believe part of our Mission and role is to encourage and promote
ally recognized name brands like Hooter's and 7 Eleven, as well
pride and confidence in what the Philippines has to offer the world. We
local brands like BUKO and Chef Laudico. We encourage you to
will highlight kuya's barbershop and your sister's bakery. We will feature
take a look at these brands and support the entrepreneurs and
Filipino lawyers, doctor's, restaurants, car salesmen, real estate agents
businesses showcased herein. We've compiled over 300 such
and a wide variety of local businesses, national and global brands and
brands and businesses with a goal of reaching 1,000 by the end
encourage you to support them.
" Welcome...
the Philippines
is open for business... "
-President Noynoy Aquino III
ley's and backpackers' paradise. The time is right. The
time is now.
e pledge our support to the ef-
forts of President Noynoy Aquino's vi-
We have the tools and the experience. The publishers,
sion of a 2nd and 1st World Philippines
the staff, our advertisers, sponsors and our readers are
someday. And, we offer every Issue of
excited about our magazine and where we're going
The Philippines Magazine International
with it and invite you to see the sights and sounds and
to the arsenal of tools to be used by the
experience the wonder that is, "The New Philippines."
PH DOT Secretary's hopes for "The New
We've taken a first step and invited you in to experience
the Filipino home and culture. From the boutiques and
A Philippines known as an emerging me-
restaurants, to professional services and global brands,
tropolis, sprawling with tourism, won-
give them a chance to serve you, send them an email, or
derful museums and entertainment and
just shake their hand when you see them and say "I saw
open skies ­as well as, for its Hidden Val-
you in that magazine..."