the inside information and I think it's about time that eve-
ryone learn of; and appreciate, the facts.
The success of the Philippines is coming. With over 102 mil-
President and as `sweeps months' approach, television
lion Filipinos here in the Philippines, another 3 to 4 million
networks all over the world who want to increase their
in the States and yet another 8 million scattered through-
ratings are scrambling to cast Filipinos ­and thus garner
out the globe, it's no wonder they're `the texting capital of
Pinoy viewers and advertisers as well.
the world', sending over 400 million texts each and every
day. That's more than the US and Europe combined. Not
Let me state at once, not everyone will like nor appreci-
surprisingly, companies like Western Union are huge win-
ate the boldness of The Welcome Issue or our new PH
ners as OFW's and their 4 million FilAm brothers and sisters
MAG website. That isn't our intent at all. Many (especial-
rival Mexico, India and China, ranking fourth in the world;
ly those who enjoy and profit from the status quo) will
sending home nearly $20 Billion last year. Up from around
question its audacity and will be set-aside by the brevity
$10 Billion just a few years ago, remittances climbed 10%
of some of the articles, stats and projections. To be blunt,
throughout the `recession' that plagued America and Eu-
with every Issue of PH MAG Int'l, we intend to play a key
rope ­and that doesn't include another nearly $5 Billion
role in the ushering-in of The New Philippines. We are
from expat residents and foreign micro-investors like me.
positioning ourselves in the forefront of Aquino's Pinoy
Revolution, ready and able to aid and abet our Pinoy
What recession? Today, everyone is taking a fond new
family as they approach a new era in Filipino culture.
look at the seemingly recession-proof Philippines. When
President Noynoy Aquino III talks to the world these days,
he can believe that we are all listening. The New Philip-
pines Mega Market is the `giant gorilla' in the board room
of every major corporation in America, the `swing-vote to
win' for every want-to-be-elected -or re-elected- American