industry, there are literally millions of styl-
ist, photographers and models out there ­for
hire. As free-agents in the industry, these
professionals are making a way for them-
selves without agents, agencies or managers.
The trend was set in place initially because
most ethnic models ­and the stylist and pho-
tographers who can work with their unique
look- were outsiders within the advertising
industry. Their tenacity and passion, along
with much of their own hard-earned money
kept them working. In the Philippines it's
the `Open Shoot' phenomenon, which allows
want-to-be models the opportunity to partic-
ipate in photo shoots and gain the needed ex-
The average business today, is able to re-
perience by paying a small fee to the studio.
cruit photographers, models, stylist and even
In Los Angeles it's the `Fashion Model by day/
graphic designers. Enabling them to compete
Restaurant Server by night' hustle, working
in a broader market place armed with adver-
for minimum wage, plus tips just to survive
tising materials, menus, press releases and
in expensive Hollywood. Using any leftover
even television commercials that rival the `Big
funds to pay for `Comp Cards', portfolio's and
Boy' ad campaigns ­less the Ad Firm mark-
networking cost, all in hopes of being `discov-
ups, premiums and the agency fees.
ered' someday.
Another advantage to hiring freelancers is di-
Savvy business owners,
versity. Many modeling agencies and Ad Firms
corporate marketing executives and creatives
do not recruit ethnic models or entertain
have stumbled onto an entirely new micro in-
small accounts. This practice hurt the small
dustry. Born from the need for models to be
local resorts the most, they may have superior
employed, photographers to be hired and an
service, fresher seafood and more amenities,
undying desire from small to mid-sized busi-
but tourist would've never known and their
nesses to compete in this new economy, the
businesses would have floundered because
Freelancer has emerged.
they weren't afforded marketing or advertis-
ing. Freelancers allow the `restaurant on the
corner' to have good to great food shots, may-
be a shot of a charming couple dinning in one
of their booths. The small, boutique resort
can have the same beachside photos, night-
life party shots and brochures as the Hyatt,
The Shangri La and Manhattan Heights.